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Vane as a Dinner Speaker at the Achilles Club about Pavo Nurmi’s World Record
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The following list of his books has been provided by Dr. Sam Miller in the USA. [http://classicdivebooks.customer.netspace.net.au/oeclassics-a-ivanovic.html]

Submarine Spear Fishing. Publisher: Kaye, London, 1951  A small book, with black and white cover. 


Publisher:  A.S.Barnes, New York, USA. First US edition - no date or number - assumed early 1950s, same cover as 1950 English edition, but much larger book 
  Modern Spearfishing

Published by Henry Regnery, Chicago,1974. Revised enlarged, US spear fishermen, color cover. ISBN #0-8092-8269-0 & LCC 74-30112. Modern Spearfishing.  Publisher Kaye-Ward, London, 1974  Same as US edition but thinner and taller. ISBN # 7  7182 1080 8.  
Modern Spearfishing

Publisher:   A.S.Barnes, New York, USA., 1955.  
Enlarged, revised, blue jacket, no ISBN, # but LCC# 55-6648 - (note one edition I have does not have a LCC or ISBN #) also published in Canada but I have never seen a Canadian edition. Name change to  VANE Ivanovic  

Vane also published "LX, memoirs of a Yugoslav" in 1977 published in US by Harcourt, Brace and Jovanovic  (Jovanovic is a fellow Yugoslav) ISBN# 0-15-154797-1.  Vane devotes 4 pages to spear fishing and 4 pages to sharks in this book.  Never the less it is enjoyable reading.  

Vane passed on about 3-4 years back in England (about 1999).  Interesting note, Reg Valentine certified him as a diver about ten years ago -  seems he didn't have a "C" card and rules are rules especially in old England.